Varpa Research Group

VARPA is a research group affiliated to the Department of Computer Science of the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Coruña.

The group promotes industrial development of computer vision applications and collaboration with research in the same field. VARPA fundamental goals are innovation and industrial competitiveness promotion based on computer vision research and development, and collaboration with industry in technological projects development.

International Master in Computer Vision

We are proud to introduce you a new master's degree on Computer Vision. It offers an up-to-date interdisciplinary specialization programme in all-round fundamentals of the computer vision field.

It is targeted to students and professionals pursuing an all-round specialization in computer vision with an orientation to the labor market, or interested in a research specialization previous to a doctoral thesis.

This master's degree is hold by four Universities from Galicia and Northern Portugal and lectured in English.

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Our work is focused on the development of automatic procedures for computer aided diagnosis in several fields.

Discover our latest findings in Ophtalmology, Optics and Radiology.

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Technology transfer

We collaborate with companies in the development of computer vision based solutions.

Read about our latest contributions in Telemedicine and Smartports.

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We teach at the Faculty of Informatics of the University of A Coruña.

Check our Master Thesis and PhD Thesis in Computer Vision.